Mindfulness: What’s the Point of Forced Learning?

“I am very upset with my school mates. Their words prickle me. When I try to talk about this in school or home, nobody takes me seriously. I am fed up. I feel like I should quit this life. Annoying or upsetting others on the basis of performance in examination has not stopped even when the school is closed. This is continued even during online classes. It can’t be stopped by teachers.”

I got this message on mindfulness Facebook messenger late night. A girl sent me this while reading my Facebook post on his father’s account. She requested not to mention her name. After getting her message I could not sleep that night.

My pain increased when she said that upon telling her mother about her classmates, the mother replied, “Your classmates did right. Why don’t you study? If you don’t work hard, others will tease you like this.”

I know the mother. She is well-educated, but sometimes that is not enough. We become harsh with our children. Only bookish knowledge is not everything.

The biggest crisis for parents is that they relate their own future with their kids’. They assume that they have to take all the decisions for their children. I think it is necessary to make children mentally strong. Children should be able to take each other’s comment properly.

Rabindranath Tagore’s education mostly happened at home. Albert Einstein was expelled from the school. These are only two examples. There are countless other people.

Actually schools are not fit for all children. They are not for everyone. They are only for those who fit in. We must understand that increasing competition doesn’t mean we should move away from the principles of humanity. We need to select the school according to the kid and not the other way round.

Sometimes Parents are unable to understand the mind of their children. But that does not mean they do not love them. They just need to find the position of equilibrium.

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